Every Year You Ingest 5 Liters Of Toxins Without Being Aware Of It!!! We Were Speechless When We Learned How…

When buying fruits or vegetables, you are probably thinking that you are buying something that is healthy for your body, but it does not have to be that way!

Pesticides are used in agriculture worldwide. One of the justifications for their use is that if they are not used, the production will decline and the food prices will rise.


Recent studies have shown that Brazil is number 1 in the consumption of pesticides.

According to the National Cancer Institute, each Brazilian consumer ingests about 5 liters of pesticides per year. This is a really shocking fact!

Several researches, which were conducted in 2015, showed that almost 70% of all fresh food in this country is infected with these poisons.

Good news is that there are some methods by which you can eliminate some of these toxins. One of these methods was developed by a Brazilian cardiologist and nutritionist Dr. Leir Ribeiro.

For implementing this method you will need:


1 liter of drinking water

5 milliliters of iodine

Disposable syringes



First wash the vegetables with a tap water. Then in one liter of drinking water, add 5 ml of iodine and place the vegetables in this mixture.Cover the bowl and leave it to stay like that for about an hour in a dark place. Lack of light will prevent the oxidation of iodine. After an hour, remove the vegetables and wash them once again.

Your food is now ready for use and most importantly it is pesticide free. Long-term consumption of food, which contains pesticides can endanger your health.


The effect of pesticides range from headaches and allergies, to occurrence of genital malformations and several types of cancer. Therefore, you need to protect your family from this hidden danger!


While your budget is limited, and you do not have money for organic products, this low-cost method can improve the quality of your life!



Reference: My Central Health