DIY Plantain Cream and Plantain Macerate to Treat Lichen

Plantain is used against cough, but it’s also good for the skin.It heals wounds and helps with problems with lichen.

I myself have had problems with lichen for years. When you find the cause, and remove it in some way, they reappear, just in another place. One time,lichen appeared on my leg and my hand. After soaking them plantain for a couple of days, the lichen disappeared. To this day, I still use plantain to battle lichen. I didn’t know until recently that,the main cause of lichen is too little fat in the diet.

It was a challenge to make a maceration of plantain. I wasn’t sure of the result, because I used fresh leaves, and for the first two weeks, the macerate looked really “weird” and the smell was repulsive, at least to me.

During my childhood, I used plantain very often. I used it to treat all kinds of wounds. That’s how I got the idea to use plantain against lichen in the first place.

Plantain Macerate

  • 30 g of fresh plantain leaves;
  • 120 ml olive oil.

Wash the leaves, chop them, and put them in a jar. Pour in the oil. Leave it in the sun for 40 days, and keep it inside through the night. If there is no sun through the day, you can keep the macerate in a warm place. After 40 days,strain the oil. And the macerate is ready. Pour it into a dark bottle.

Lichen is actually a fungal infection of the skin and the scalp that can be manifested as leaches on the face, neck, legs, and so on. In the hairline,the infection manifests as a bald area, while on the skin, you may notice reddish or grayish round shell stains. What is important to note, is the way it spreads. As the infection spreads, the edges of the stains become flake like.

In addition to making macerate, I also made a cream. To make the cream, blend plantain macerate and marigold macerate. It helps with wounds, it rejuvenates the skin, and also helps with dry and irritated skin.

Plantain Cream

  • 20 ml macerate plantain;
  • 20 ml of marigold petal macerate (2 tablespoons);
  • 5-10 g beeswax (1 tablespoon chopped);
  • 5 ml of Aloe Vera gel (without parabens);
  • 3 drops of lavender essential oil;

Warm up the marigold petal macerate (2-3 minutes), and add the beeswax. Turn of the heat. As you’re stirring it, add the plantain macerate. In a different bowl, add the Aloe Vera gel. Spoon by spoon, add the macerate mixture into the bowl with the Aloe Vera gel. It will start to thicken immediately. Don’t stop stirring it. After stirring it, put the cream in the fridge.