DIY: How To Make Your Own Air Conditioner Using Only Plastic Bottles! (VIDEO)

What can you do with old plastic bottles? In addition to recycling you probably think that there are not too many things that you can do. But what if we told you that you can make your own air conditioner that does not use electricity at all!

This amazing air conditioner was invented by Ashis Paul from Bangladesh. Up until now this air conditioner was successfully “installed” in more than 25,000 homes in his country, with the help of advertising agency Grey Dhaka and Grameen Intel Social Business.

The preparation of this amazing air conditioner is very simple and easy. All you need to build this eco-air-conditioner is several plastic bottles and plates.

Now first of all you need to cut the plastic bottle in half and install them in the net through the holes which need to be same as the size of the bottleneck. Then you need to set this net above the windows.

Make sure that the narrower upper end of the bottle is facing the interior of the house.

As the wind blows through the bottle, fresh air pours in. This eco-air conditioner can reduce the temperature up to 5 ° C, which is quite impressive considering that it costs almost nothing!

The project is set online for free with the hope that will reach as many people as possible.

Now all you need to do is watch the video below for more information on this ingenious and excellent project:

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