Did You Know That You Can Also Do This With Vinegar? You Will Surely Try it Out!

Vinegar- used since centuries ago, but never ceases to amazes us. We use it in the kitchen, for cleaning, for beauty, etc. But the story for the “almighty” vinegar does not end here.

  1. Prepare refreshing beverages

It may not seem as a very attracting idea to you, but if you are really thirsty, this will help you. Mix a spoon or two of apple cider vinegar with mineral water and if you wish add some type of juice.

  1. Clean the drains and remove unpleasant odors

The most efficient combination for removal of unpleasant odors is vinegar and sodium bicarbonate. Besides having an acceptable price, this solution is ecologically acceptable by many industrial products for the same purpose. Mix one cup of vinegar with half a glass of sodium bicarbonate and use a funnel to sip the mixture in the drain and after that sip hot water. Wait 5 minutes, and then sip cold water. Besides unclogging the drain, the vinegar mixture will remove the unpleasant odors which are created due to bacteria.

  1. Make a universal cleaning product

Mix two thirds of water, one third of vinegar and several drops of liquid dishwasher to clean glass and plastic surfaces and stainless steel items. Sip the mixture into a sprayer and use it.

  1. Clean stains from fruits and vegetables from the arms

If you are preparing a salad from beetroot or some berry- pie, you will surely have stains on your fingers. Remove them with the help of vinegar.

  1. Hair conditioner

If you have dry and damaged hair, return its glow with the help of a conditioner that you can make on your own. Mix 1 spoons of apple cider vinegar with 2 spoons of olive oil and 3 egg whites. Massage the hair with the mixture and then put a plastic shower cap. Leave it like that for half an hour, and then wash your hair as usually.

  1. A spice mixture

Dry herbs and put them into a jar. Sip vinegar and leave it like that for a week in a dark place until the tastes blend. Then, strain with gauze in a clean jar, close it and you can use it.

  1. Speed up the preparation of boiled eggs

Add a little bit of apple cider vinegar in the cooking eggs water and this will speed up the entire process since the vinegar will lower the pH and the egg whites will coagulate quicker.