Dear Ladies, Make Your Life Easier: 24 Tricks That You Absolutely Need To Know!

It’s never been easier to look good! See this phenomenal tricks that will make your life a lot easier! It seems that your whole life you have been using the hairpins the wrong way


In order to highlight and raise your ponytail, you need to put two hairpins on the rubber band that you are using for your hair.


If you want to create a texture on your braid, try using an old toothbrush


Bend a strand of your hair and clip it with a bobby pin, and make sure that the hair strand is directed towards your face.


To reduce the hair parting, use eye shadow.


If you dip your fingers in cold water, your nail polish will dry faster.


Here is the proper way to use concealer.


To visually raise your eyebrows, use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone.



Shaving foam is the easiest way to remove stains from your skin powder


Physiological saline will bring back to life your dried mascara.


Heat your eyelash curler to twist your eyelashes better.heat

Use a spoon to get a perfect “wing” with your eyeliner.


In order to obtain the volume, apply baby powder on your lashes before putting on the mascara


See this trick for a perfect “Smokey” eye look.


Use a scotch tape to pull the perfect line with your eyeliner.


Use cold bags of green tea to remove dark eye circles.


To make  your eyes look bigger, do this:

Apply white eyeliner on your eyelid before applying the eyeshadows, so that the shadow has more pigmentation.

In order to highlight your eyebrows, use a white eyeliner.

Add an eyeshadow to your lip balm, this way you can play with different colors.

In order to make your lips look fuller, use a white eyeliner.

Use your cake stand as a stand for your favorite perfumes.

If you want your scent to last longer on your skin, you need to apply Vaseline before spraying.