Caution! The Ear Wax Can Reveal 4 Health Problems!

The smell, color and structure of the wax out of your ears, whose role is to prevent dirt and bacteria from entering too deeply into the ear canal, can reveal important information about your health. Find out which 4 health problems can the ear wax reveal.

Ear wax that is watery and greenish in color

If you are sweating, watery discharge from your ear is probably the result of sweat, which entered the ear and mixed with wax. However, if you are not sweating, and the wax is watery and greenish or dark yellow in color, this may indicate an infection in the ear.

Ear wax that has a strong odor

It can be an infection or damage to the middle ear. This can cause a number of symptoms that doctors call chronic otitis media. One of the symptoms may be discharge from the ear that has an unpleasant odor.

Also if you are having an infection of the middle ear you can notice problems with balance, ringing of the ears or feel that you ear is full or clogged. If you notice these symptoms, see your doctor.

Notice when the wax is leaking out of the ear

Infections or sores in the eardrum can cause abnormal growth of skin called cholesteatom. In the ear growths like cysts are formed, which results in debris from the ear filling the ear canal. In this case, instead of discreet discharge on what you’re used to, discharge from the ear may come in the form of leaks or lumps. Pressure and pain in the ear are also symptoms of cholesteatom.

You do not have wax in your ears

The absence of wax in the ears can be a sign of rare and under-researched condition called keratitis obturans. In this state, the wax in the ears, instead of gradually coming out by himself, it is piling up inside the ear until a hard cap is formed. Symptoms include pain and a feeling that your ears are full.