Caution! 5 Evidence That Flip-Flops Can Be The Most Dangerous Summer Shoes

It is easier to tolerate the heat if you are bare feet. No wonder why many are reaching for footwear such as flip flops that offer you a sense of nakedness. But experts warn that there are legitimate reasons for restricting the time of wearing flip flops, because this summer hit shoes can damage your health.

  1. Flip-flops can cause a disease

The feet in the flip-flops are more exposed to bacteria and viruses from the environment. This can be a problem if you have damaged skin or if you cut yourself, because in this way many diseases can enter your body and possibly cause a range of health ailments.

  1. Flip-flops will slow you down and make you clumsy

According to a study conducted by the University of Aubrun, people who wear flip-flops take smaller steps and thereby are walking slower than the people wearing sneakers. The design of the flip-flops is such that the flip-flops do not provide great stability for your feet, so if you’re walking on uneven ground for example the beach, you have a great chance of falling.

  1. Flip-flops can destroy your heels and your toes

Walking in flip-flops you put a particular burden on the heel portion. The rubber or the plastic of which the flip-flops are usually made cannot reduce the strength of the burden, which over a longer period of wearing results in pain in the heel and the toes.

If you are wearing flip flops often, they can permanently change the appearance of your toes, which is due to the maintenance task to keep the flip-flops on your feet and therefore you often twist your toes. This may be a huge medical and aesthetic problem.

  1. Flip-flops can create blisters

Blisters between the toes are a common consequence of wearing flip flops, which is not surprising for this kind of shoes when only a hard piece of plastic or fabric holds them on your feet. This kind of damage to the skin on the feet can further jeopardizes your health, because of the exposure to the already mentioned bacteria from the environment.


  1. Flip-flops can cause you pain and change your body

This type of footwear does not offer stability which is why people who wear them more often walk hunched. Walking like this for a long period of time can cause you problems with your spine, your hips and your knees. For the same reason wearing flip-flops is not recommended for people with low feet.

Extra Tip:

Avoid buying flip flops from unverified sources of production, because shoes made of toxic materials can cause you skin allergies and many others irritations that can damage your foot.