Carpet Stains? – No Worries, Since we Will Show You 7 Ways to Clean Them!

When you accidentally stain your carpet, do not panic! These simple, but useful tricks will help you clean all kinds of carpet stains. Bear in mind that whichever product or technique you use; you need to test it on a small and unnoticeable part of the carpet in order to eliminate any additional damage. The first thing to do when you stain the carpet is to pick up the spilled matter as quickly as possible with the help of a cotton towel. Do not rub the stained area of the carpet since the stain will only penetrate the carpet deeply.

Carpet Stains – No Worries, Since we Will Show You 7 Ways to Clean Them!

  1. Red wine stains

They need to be cleaned right away. If you postpone the cleaning, it will be much harder or even impossible to remove the stain after it dries off. Pour white vine onto the stain and then soak a towel in cold water and tap the stained area with the towel so that it can absorb the spilled wine. Another possibility is to cover the entire stained area with salt. Leave the wine under the salt to dry off i.e. the salt to absorb the wine, and then vacuum the salt.

  1. Ink stains

In order to remove these stains, spray the carpet with WD-40 spray. Leave it like that for 15 minutes and then pick up the spray by tapping the area with a towel previously soaked in warm water mixed with a detergent. If this does not help, try the same method with a towel soaked in alcohol.

  1. Grease and oil

Pour a little bit of salt, sodium bicarbonate or starch onto the stain. Do not rub, but leave it like that for at least few hours and then vacuum the carpet.

  1. Fruit juice stains

Apply shaving cream onto the stained area and then wipe that part of the carpet with a watered sponge.

  1. Coffee and tea stains

Make a solution from water and white vinegar in relation 50:50. Apply the mixture onto the stain with a sponge, and then pick up the liquid from the carpet with a clean and absorbing towel.

  1. Pet urine stains

These stains are sometimes invisible, but they can spread an unpleasant odor. If you think that there is a stain from your pet’s urine onto the carpet and you want to check where it is, buy or borrow an ultraviolet lamp. In the dark, under an UV lamp, the stained area on the carpet will glow which means that there is a stain there. Mark the stained area with a chalk and clean it with a purpose cleaner for pet stains.

  1. Mud stains

Firstly, you need to leave the stain dry off and then vacuum the area well. The best way is to use an attachment with a rotating brush. If the stain remains, soak that area with carbonated water and then pick up the liquid with an absorbing towel. Repeat this procedure until the stain disappears.