Before his death, Father of ADHD Admitted it was a Fictitious Disease

Are you treating your child for ADHD? Stop it right now! It’s an invented disease, and the treatment carries serious consequences – children addicts!

If he were still alive, the creator disease ADHD would warn parents about the lying and deceptive game of psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry.However, although no longer alive, on his deathbed, the psychiatrist and the man who invented ADHD, Leon Eisenberg, admitted that ADHD is a completely fictional disease, which was designed for the pharmaceutical industry. This would mean that millions of children are addicted to pharmaceutical drugs. It is a terrible deception to which no one responds.

Head of the American radio program “Sons of Freedom” Bradley Dean explained: “ADHD is a theory conceived by Eisenberg. Even though he admitted that the disease was invented, nobody reacted, and no other doctor has scientifically proved that ADHD exists.Despite the admission, plans are continuing, and the bank accounts of the pharmaceutical industry are relentlessly filling up every day. And what does it do to healthy children? They are fed with hard drugs since their early age. They drink poisons such as Ritalin (methylphenidate) and Adarella (amphetamine), which cause considerable dependence. It’s just plain garbage, it’s drugs, not a cure. They create addicts of children. It’s fraud.”

“ADHD is fraud with and it’s clear that it’s making drug addicts from children, which is really terrible,” said Dr. Edward C. Hamlyn, founder and member of the Royal College.

Of course, with the exaggeration of certain symptoms, the goal is of course to enable the pharmaceutical industry to get big profits.According to the Association for Human Rights in the United States there are 20 million minor children only in the United States under medication for ADHD.The same number is also found in other parts of the Western world, so we can safely say that about 50 million children in this time are depending on these drugs. Getting off this medication can take months or even years, and the children taken of these drugs, need equally expensive and equally toxic and dangerous drugs,so profit for the pharmaceutical industry is guaranteed no matter what.

The number of healthy children who are allegedly affected is increasing every day, and many call this phenomenon the plague of the Western world. But, what about the side effects of this drug?Or psychological problems faced by these children, being systematically assured that they are sick. Being forced to take drugs even though they were healthy.