Beautify Yourself While Sleeping

Thanks to these easy tricks, you will awaken more beautiful than ever.

Sleep on a satin or silk pillow case

Fabrics such as silk or satin will keep your hair from breaking or tangling. If you do not have silk or satin pillow cases, then the same effect will be achieved if you slept with your hair tied up in a silk scarf. Your hair will stay cleaner and softer for a longer period of time.

Sleep on your back

When the wrinkles are in question, try to nip them in the bud and avoid them all together. Sleeping on the side of your face will results in wrinkles and lines. While sleeping regularly on the same side of your face will result in even more lines and wrinkles on your face. To avoid this, just sleep on your back. While sleeping on your back, nothing disturbs your face. Your face will not be swollen or wrinkled.

Hydrate yourself

No matter how old you are, be sure to apply anti-aging cream before going to bed. It helps hydrate the skin, thus smoothing out the wrinkles. Do not forget the rest of the face. Be sure to apply balm on your lips and conditioner on your eyelashes. All these products are more effective during the night while the skin regenerates.

Change your pillowcases frequently

Regularly change your bed sheets, but be sure to change your pillowcases more frequently. The face is particularly sensitive so you do not want it to be exposed to bacteria all night.

Have an air humidifier in your room

So that air would not dry out your skin, sleep with an air humidifier on. It will protect your skin from drying out and will improve your hydration. It is recommended you use it during the winter, when the skin is especially dry.

Avoid alcohol and salt

Just like alcohol, and salt dehydrates your body and collects the water. Avoid salty foods and alcohol, but should you eat salty foods or drink alcohol, sleep on two pillows to avoid being swollen.