Amazing Discovery! This is Why You Should Keep Your Children’s Primary Teeth!

When the children are losing their primary teeth, many parents make a special ritual out of it. In order to make their kid happy, many parents say that the tooth fairy will take their tooth and give them a coin for it. So the children leave the tooth under their pillow and the parents take the tooth, they throw it and put coin under the kid’s pillow. Every kid loves this ritual.

However, according to the latest scientific researches, it appears that the primary teeth contain a valuable genetic material, which can cope with a variety of serious illnesses.

The point is that primary teeth contain stem cells! These cells can regenerate neurons, bone and cartilage, and even some cells of cardiac muscle tissue.

Modern science allows the use of these cells for the recovery of organs in the event of illness.

Last scientific discoveries prove that it is possible to cure leukemia through the use of stem cells of the child. Previously, leukemia was only treated with transplantation of bone marrow or other tissues.

To keep stem cells alive, you need to freeze the primary tooth in the next 48 hours after dropping. In America and many other countries there are blood and tissue banks from the umbilical cord and stem cell banks in which you can store the genetic material, right after the childbirth.

If your child gets sick, you do not need to worry, because due to these new technologies you child will be healthy again in no time.

However if you cannot use the benefits of such banks, then you need to freeze the primary tooth of your child, and keep it. Who knows, maybe in the future it will save your child’s life.