All you Need to know About Ebola

Therapy ?

  • There is no specific therapy for the disease, the patients are isolated and kept in life by the doctor.
  • Doctors need to maintain the liquid level of the patient, to check the status of oxygen and blood pressure, and to maintain a therapy against complicating infection.
  • The infected are advised to wear impermeable gloves and gown, and to wear facial protection in the form of goggles and a mask.

How does it spread?

  • WHO assumes that bats are natural carriers of the Ebola virus in Africa, and they transmit it to other animals.
  • Humans are infected through contact with bodily fluids of infected animals or people.
  • Although the virus can survive for several days in liquid, outside of an infected organism, it can be killed by heat, direct exposure to sun, chlorine, soap and detergents.
  • Usually spread in areas where hospitals do not care enough to prevent infections and have limited access to clean water.

What can be done to prevent the spreading?

  • Isolation of all patients with Ebola. People who had contact with sick people should have their temperature regularly monitored.
  • Closing the borders to neighboring countries (as Liberia did), and introduction of test points on several places where you can get out of the country.
  • Special attention to all people that traveled to Western Africa.