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A Guide to Preparing Your Skin For The Summer Sun

The start of the summer marks the start of the vacation season. Each year, we look for the best place to sit back and enjoy ourselves with a little bit of swimming and sunbathing. Here are a few tips on how you can prepare your skin for that hot summer sun.

-Afternoon sunbathing is not the smartest idea. Afternoon sunlight causes skin redness, but not darkness.
-It is not wise to lay at the beach all day. It is not good for the bloodstream that affects the creation of skin pigments and the supply of oxygen. So, you need to be active at the beach.
-You should never use a deodorant or a perfume which contains alcohol. The alcohol under direct sunlight causes forming pigment spots on your skin.
-Skin which darkens gradually has a better chance of maintaining the darker color.
-The first few days of your vacation, protect yourselves with creams that have a higher SPF.
-Do not forget to put cream on your ears, neck and feet.
-Buy skin product according to your skin type.
-Avoid sunbathing between 11 AM and 5 PM.
-Check the index of UV light every day.
-If you are taking any medication, be sure to read the manual to see if it is allowed to sun exposure.
-Apply SPF cream every time you come out of the water.
-Wear t-shirts, hats and sun-glasses.
-You need to drink more fluids and eat lighter meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
-Once you return from the beach, you should take a shower to remove traces of SPF cream and salt, if you are at sea.

Misconceptions about the sun and sunbathing

-Applying a SPF 30 in combination with SPF 15, will not have the same effect with applying a SPF 50.
-It is not true that if you are in shade or in the water are protected from the sun without SPF creams.
-Wet skin is even more sensitive to sun than dry skin
-If it is cloudy outside, that does not mean you should not put SPF cream. 80% of the UV rays can pass through clouds, so protection is necessary.