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9 Signs That You Have Found Your True Love

Do not look for the big love scenes. Hold on to the everyday trifles. It’s the easiest way to determine whether you have your found true love.

These 9 Signs Will Confirm It:

  1. You’re ready to sacrifice, and not expect anything in return. Sometimes the happiness of your partner has no cost.
  2. His / her smile is music to your ears.
  3. When you say that you are proud of him / her, you notice that their chest spreads of satisfaction because your acknowledgment and praise means a lot more than any other.
  4. There is nothing you can’t do together.
  5. You’re comfortable together.
  6. When you imagine the future, and you don’t use the phrase “If we stay together.” It is clear that he / she will be with you 5 or 10 years from now.
  7. You’re lucky. You don’t know how you found your significant other, but you’re happy about it.
  8. You feel you’re not missing out. There are better looking and smarter people, but you’re happy.
  9. You can be vulnerable, but still feel safe. He / she is your refuge.