7 Insidious Ways Bacteria Can Enter Your Makeup

By now you know that you should clean your makeup brushes once a week and that you should throw away makeup with expired date. You may think it is enough, but it is not. You should also have a clean space where you keep your makeup. Because, bacteria tend to be very clever, so once they enter your makeup, they could cause skin problems like acne, redness and unwanted infections.  So, here we will show you 7 ways bacteria can enter and ruin your makeup, and how to avoid it.

Use tubes instead of plastic boxes

If you use a lotion that comes in a box or in a large bowl you have a better chance of letting in bacteria, because you have to use your hands. Bacteria found in lotions, cause skin irritation, acne and redness. Always use lotions or creams that come in tubes or in a bottle with a special opening. However, if your favorite product comes in a box, use a cotton to apply it instead of your hands.

Pumping the mascara

Whenever the pump mascara to get more out you just dry it up, creating a dry, dark ground for bacteria. Putting the same mascara swab on your eye, and then back in the tube again, transfers the bacteria from the tube directly into your eye. Make sure you do not use the same mascara for longer than three months and it would be better to turn the brush around inside, rather than pump in and out.

Sneezing while using applicator

It might seem innocent, but sneezing on your makeup while you are applying it, transfers the bacteria directly into the open box. If you feel you need to sneeze, it would be better to go to another room and avoid sneezing on your makeup.