7 Easy Ways to Detox Every Day for More Energy and Vibrant Skin

Although it is recommended to do a controlled detox a few times every year, detoxification is actually a continual physiological process that our body is always going through. There are things that can be done every day to help aid your body while going through this natural process of releasing toxins. Introducing these healthy habits into your daily life can help you keep your toxic load at bay. This is done by enhancing your body’s natural detox system to function effectively long-term.

Drink Filtered Water

You should drink clean water that has previously been filtered from heavy metals and chlorine. Drink it as much as you possibly can. Aside from drinking it, use filtered water for cooking and showering as well.

Do Regular Exercise

Every day exercise can help release toxins from your body via sweating. Exercising can also help you increase your body’s metabolic activity which aids effective in toxin removal, while also building lean body mass which assists in burning more calories. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that exercising is stress releaser and can boost your vitality.

Dry Skin Brushing

Taking just two minutes out of your day, dry skin brushing is a powerful way to help your body’s lymphatic system to operate. Use a natural fiber brush and lightly brush over your body in a circular motion towards your heart. Doing this before having a shower or a bath, will help remove dead skin cells.

Have an Epsom Salt Bath

A hot Epsom Salt bath can help your body in drawing toxins out. Not mention it is also calming and relaxing.The magnesium sulfate which is Epsom Salt is also a good nervous system relaxant. Adding some essential oils such as lavender to your bath will also aid in having a good night’s sleep.

Try an Infrared Sauna

A 15 minute sauna every day can go a long way. It helps your body to remove toxins from your skin through sweat. Using an infrared sauna will provide you with even more benefits. This is because infrared rays produce an energy similar from the one the sun produces, as a result the rays will provide you with a cellular cleanse and will increase your metabolism and blood circulation. Sitting in a sauna is also very relaxing and rejuvenating, which is a healthy state for your body to enjoy.

Use only non-toxic skincare

Avoid using products containing chemical ingredients and fragrances that are easily absorbed by the skin.These toxic ingredient make your liver work harder in eliminating them from your body, and regular exposure to these ingredients have been linked to long term health conditions. They can also block the detox pathways, meaning that the toxins and chemicals will remain in your body, stored as fat cells that can affect weight loss and cause rashes, acne and wrinkles. Ironic, isn’t it?

Avoid Using Plastic

Plastic is a very unstable compound. When heated the harmful chemicalswill leach into the food that you eat, or the liquid you drink. Use glass or ceramic instead for cooking and drink from stainless steel bottles.

Source: Fit Life