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25 Brutally Honest Reasons Why a Man is Bound to Cheat even the Woman who He Loves more than His Life (#21 is the most painful)

One thing’s for sure. Relationships aren’t easy. When men cheat, they can hurt even the women with the highest level of self-confidence. The major question is why infidelity occurs in the first place? If you’re blaming yourself, you’ll get no answers. In order to know the truth, take a look at the reasons below:

#1 some men are nothing but childish seducers

The truth is not pleasant at all-some men enjoy being seducers and have a lot of girlfriends. They see this merely as a game. Therefore ladies, avoid this type as much as possible as they’re not worthy of your time.

#2 some are born liars

Some men tend to lie to their partners frequently. And, what’s more, some of them even find it interesting to sneak behind your back and see how much they can hide from you. So, be especially careful around such men in order to avoid being brokenhearted. Luckily, not all men are the same. Some are wonderful and worth keeping.

#3 some want to prove their manliness

Sadly, some men believe that they’re “real men” if they have a lot of sex partners.

#4 negative role models

All of his role models are associated with cheating, so this is what he knows of. He expects to be tolerated for this kind of behavior.

#4 he wants to try something new

Often times, there are men who don’t find the same excitement in a relationship as in the beginning, so they look for it elsewhere. However, bear in mind that this is his fault, not yours.

#6 he avoids real intimacy because he’s afraid

Psychiatrists claim that men tend to avoid intimacy and that this is the main reason why they cheat. That is, they’re scared by intimacy, so they distance themselves from their partner and in most cases cheat.

#7 he wants to feel wanted

This goes for both women and men. Hence, men are expected to provide a feeling of safety and be strong, often, without any acknowledgment for it. In some cases, this may lead to a feeling of being merely a “caretaker”. However, when he cheats, he feels important in a relationship.

#8 he seeks new experiences

Believe it or not, a man can be in love with his partner, but still cheat. Namely, they enjoy new excitements and experiences, even when their relationship is a happy one.

#9 he’s a milksop

Certain relationship experts emphasize that some men are too weak to say “no”. When they have the chance, they simply cannot refuse it. However, this is not a valid argument. Beware of such men and avoid them as much as possible.

#10 he wants power and control

Men feel powerful in a relationship when they decide to cheat.

#11 he needs to prove himself

Some men tend to feel more worthy if they have several women to flirt with or have an intimate relationship.

#12 he’s immature

Some men have very immature friends who make them behave in the same way. And, unfortunately, there are situations when they act like teenagers and compete with each other for trivial matters like cheating.

#13 he likes to try out new things

Some men think that winning your heart is a sign to move on. This is definitely a reason to leave your partner.

#14 emotionally instable

Men experience emotional traumas, same as women do, but they cope with them differently. Often times, they suppress these feelings and transfer them to their partner. So, pay close attention.

#15 he’s lustful

Some men have a problem differentiating between lust and love, which often causes a relationship to fail. If you really love him, make him understand this difference.

#16 he doesn’t care

A man with a constant tendency to cheat cannot be stopped and often times he’s unaware of the reasons why he’s behaving like this. To make matters worse, if he sees no problem and simply doesn’t care about changing something, then he’s a lost case.

#17 he doesn’t feel appreciated enough

Sometimes, this can make men feel empty from the inside. Hence, constant criticism and a feeling of fault can make him look for a new partner.

#18 the search for connectedness

Some men believe that partners are most connected when their relationship includes lovemaking. Along with the pleasure that this activity brings, the feeling that he’s an object of pleasure plays a huge role in the relationship. Lovemaking in new relationships can be intense and this is when men tend to feel most connected.

#19 he cannot resist

Sometimes, good looking men cannot say “no” to attractive women.

#20 he’s assured that you won’t leave him

If your partner has cheated on you in the past, and you haven’t fallen off yet, he will think that you will never leave his side, even when he’s making huge mistakes, like cheating.

#21 he wants to end the relationship

Some men are unfaithful just because they want to get out of a relationship. However, they do this the wrong way. The right way is to be honest and state their opinion, not to find a way out through affairs and waiting for the other to pull the plug.

#22 he can get away with it

If he has a history of cheating and you have forgiven him, there is no reason why he won’t do it again. Men believe that when they’re forgiven, that they can get away any they cheat.

#23 he was drunk or high

Men often blame alcohol and drugs for their misbehavior.

#24 a Don Juan

Believe it or not, both women and men can have uncontrollable sexual desires and this is medically proven. Hence, compulsive cheating and intimacy with other partners, outside of a relationship, can have serious consequence, both for the “addict” and the people around him.

#25 high expectations

It’s completely acceptable to have certain expectations from your partner, however, never expect the impossible.