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18 Things To Look For In The Person You Will Marry

Everyone has their own idea of their ideal partner, what they seek and expect of him.

However, despite the individual needs, there are some universal needs as well, which you shouldn’t neglect in order to have a good life together, which will last.

  1. Internal jokes only you understand.
  2. The respect your significant other has for your family.
  3. The ability to make your friends laugh.
  4. He/ she have hobbies, you’re not included in.
  5. You have hobbies; he/she is not included in.
  6. Financial Stability. You don’t need your partner to be rich, but they need to have a stable job that promises stability.
  7. Love for food and cooking. Having very different tastes, can be a problem in the long run.
  8. A good circle of friends. Make sure that you’re surrounded with people that respect you, and you respect them.
  9. You can tell him/her your biggest secrets.
  10. A similar idea of ​​the wedding of your dreams. You may not want the same things, but if you can’t reach a compromise then you are entitled to a bad start.
  11. Sexual compatibility – when you’re not afraid to ask anything or make a mistake, you can say how you feel and what you want, without being perceived wrong.
  12. Never underestimate your intelligence, even in the greatest anxiety.
  13. He/she respects and love you, even when you’re doing the biggest mistake.
  14. You equally want to have children.
  15. He/she never checks your phone, no matter what the situation is. He/she always respects you.
  16. He/she accepts that you have a life outside the relationship.
  17. He/she love those ordinary things you do together. He/she always finds a place beside you.
  18. He/she has a special kiss for you, and does it frequently.