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12 Proven Signs that Your Partner is Cheating on You! (#11 is Definitely the Cruelest and Most Repulsive One!)

Most of you have probably had unsuccessful relationships. Unfortunately, when a relationship ends, we usually want to know whether our partner cheated or lied. Nevertheless, sometimes, when a person is a good liar, it’s difficult to get an answer. However, there are some tricks that can help you find out if your partner is cheating on you. Let’s take a look:

Placing the blame on you

A skilful liar will try to blame you for everything in order to avoid taking the blame. For example, he can reprimand you for being late; not calling him, not going out on dates, etc.

The gut feeling never lies

You will immediately feel that something’s wrong when your partner starts to quarrel constantly about things from the past. Little things that seem trivial are actually very important. They enable your partner to avoid your questions and face the truth. Your inside voice will try to warn you that something is being hidden from you.

Talking nonsense

A partner who’s constantly telling lies and talking nonsense might be cheating on you. Frequently, he will come up with different excuses for being late and he can easily become confused all of a sudden.

His language

If your partner is constantly using phrases like “trust me”, “really”, “I swear”, etc. you probably shouldn’t believe him. There is a 99% chance that he’s hiding something, even if he does appear to be honest.

His phone

His phone can help you find out whether he’s cheating on you or not. If he tends to hide it or if he uses it only when you’re not around, there’s a pretty good reason for this-he doesn’t want you to see something.

His lips

A great percentage of people tend to lick their lips or swallow saliva when they lie. Also, someone who is hiding something, they might be smiling without a reason, especially in inappropriate moments.

His hands

When a person is lying, they cannot control their hands as a result of their nervousness. Their hands might be shaking or moving all the time.

Mixed stories

Mixing tenses when talking is also important. A person might use the present tense, not the past tense, when they want to avoid talking about something. Sometimes, they will even use pronouns, instead of nouns, like “I was with her” or “I was with them”.


Liars tend to touch their ears, hair, or other body parts in order to keep their hands busy while they’re talking to you. If they constantly move their hands, this is a not a very good sign.


If your partner tends to sweat a lot on his forehead, palms, or the neck when talking to you, they’re being dishonest. This is because these areas of the body heat up the most when a person is trying to hide something.

His voice

Often times, a partner will begin to yell during a conversation and avoid hearing your side of the story. This is a tactic used by liars in order to change the subject. If your partner is constantly doing this, they might be cheating.

His eyes

Direct eye contact is often avoided by liars. Also, pay attention to how much he’s blinking-if he’s doing it fast, they’re probably lying about something.