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11 Signs That Show You Are Bad In Bed

No one here is saying that you need to have the level of knowledge the stars of adult films have when it comes to making love, but having a little knowledge in this are certainly doesn’t hurt.

Your Partner Is Faking Their Orgasm

You might not know when this happens, but you should know that it happens. If you don’t give your partner what he/she needs and deserves, then you’ll end up with disappointing “fakers”. You can fix this. Just focus on your partner a little more.


There’s nothing less sexy than someone who’s constantly questioning himself in bed. If you don’t have the confidence to go to bed with someone, then you may want to consider working on yourself first, outside the bedroom. You’re just killing the atmosphere.

Sleeping Right After Sex

If you fall asleep right after sex, something’s quite not right. It’s a mood killer. Just because you have an orgasm, it doesn’t mean the sex is over. Cuddle! Enjoy each other’s company.

Be Ready

Sometimes, sex can really come out of nowhere and it’s impossible to plan it. But when you know it’s going to happen, be ready. Bathe, wax all parts of the body and brush your teeth.

You’re Boring

Sex should evolve. The couple should always try out new things and let it evolve. When you don’t do this, the end is inevitable. You need to get creative and try something else for a change.

You Don’t Know How To “Read” Your Partner

If you have sex just for the sake of it, then you don’t deserve it. The only way to truly enjoy the benefits of sex is by knowing exactly what your partner wants and when he/she wants it.

You’re Rushing

When it comes to satisfying women with your fingers, elegance and the slowness are key. Your hand is not a hammer, and should not be treated like one. If you think that fast equals good, you’re wrong.

You Don’t Communicate

Don’t be afraid to ask. Just because you’re having sex, that doesn’t mean you should be roaring like an animal. You’ve got a genuine human connection with someone, and you need to ask them what you can do to make this experience even better.

You Just Want To Have An Orgasm

It’s not in the destination, the point is in the journey. Someone should’ve told you that a long time ago, because you’re missing what makes sex so great – sex itself. The more you rush to the goal, the more you risk betraying your partner.

You’re Never Dominant

Someone taking control during sex can be quite the turn on. But if you’re never taking control, you’ll end up with a disgruntled partner. Show your partner what you’re capable of.

Jumping Right Into It

Do not just dive into your business with someone without satisfying them beforehand. Sometimes, foreplay can be key to great sex.