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10 Things You Must Do If You Want to Keep Your Marriage Strong and Family Together! #9 Is Definitely the Hardest, but the Most Important

Disagreements often lead to fights between partners. And, probably, there is no way to avoid this notion altogether. However, the following 10 tips will help you find out how to better things with your partner, even when you’re the one to blame.

#1 count to 10

Believe it or not, this method is actually very helpful. When you hear something that you dislike or something that you disagree with, take a deep breath and count to 10. The last thing you want is to fight with your partner over trivial matters.

#2 think of a signal for end of the fight

When your fight is about to escalate into something bigger, it’s crucial to stop timely by adopting a sign for the end of the fight. This will allow both partners to notice that they’ve begun exaggerating and avoid bigger problems.

#3 don’t try to win an argument

Winning isn’t what you really want, right? You don’t always have to be right when you disagree with your loved one. Although you have strong feelings about something in that particular moment, at the end, it won’t even matter.

#4 some things are not worth the fight

It’s completely normal to have different opinions, especially if you’ve accustomed to a different way of life. However, there are things which aren’t worth the fight, and if you’re in a long-term relationship, these matters will only bring additional stress and resentment. So, pick your battles wisely.

#5 hugs, hugs, hugs

In most cases, when you’re fighting with your partner, the last thing on your mind is physical contact. However, this will remind you how much you actually love this person. So, always be ready to ask for a hug, but also to give one. This is a great way to prevent the fight from escalating.

#6 it is okay to go angry to bed

Although we have heard different stands on this issue, some experts emphasize that sorting all problems at the day of the fight is not of utter importance. That is, relax and take the time you need. Wake up early the next morning and try to solve your problems in a calmer manner with a clearer mind.

#7 humor is important

Remember some joke and in this way you’ll suppress the ongoing tension. Don’t be harsh or ironic toward your partner. A simple innocent gesture or a funny word can make wonders.

#8 know your stand

A fight takes two. So, deep breaths and count to ten. Think about the reason for the fight and be ready to take full responsibility when needed.

#9 do the impossible

You should be able to do the “impossible”-try and understand why he’s feeling the way he does. Avoid coming to your own conclusions. That is, forgetting a special date doesn’t always mean that he doesn’t care about you.

#10 pleasure is everything

Your surroundings and partner have a special influence on your relationship. Namely, negative atmosphere can easily turn a quarrel into a fight. What’s more, the tension will additionally heighten if you’re hungry or if you’re in a noisy room. Instead, try to think of something that would please both of you, like a tasty drink or a meal. This will make you realize that it’s not fight time, but dinner time! Cool, right?