10 Deadly Habits That We All Do Before Going To Bed That Seriously Damage Our Health

Sleep is a process that provides energy to our body for the next day. Therefore, it is good to have a healthy sleep and not wake up before the time or every hour during the night. Here are some things you need to do in order to have better sleep.

1. Do not drink the water

Water is essential for the body to provide proper work of all the organs and to lubricate the joints as you move. But if you drink just before bedtime, you will not get up only once, but several times to urinate, which will interrupt your sleep.

2. Do not nap during the day

Some have a habit of doing this, but should be avoided because if you nap during the day you will interrupt the natural cycle of the body and thereby you will not have a decent sleep at night. This will affect your health and your sleep habits.

3. Avoid the use of a laptop or mobile phone

People often have a habit to put laptops or mobile phones to bed before sleeping to check their mail of facebook profiles. However this moment last a long time and they end up staying late at night. Thereby it is better that you do not bring your laptop or cell phone in your bedroom at all.

4. Plan your meals

This is a very important rule that you should most definitely obey: you should have a habit of not eating at least 3-4 hours before bedtime. This way you will help your digestive system to process the food easily and to function normal and healthy.

5. Set a bedtime routine

It is recommendable to have a bedtime routine and stick to it. This implies showering, brushing teeth, going to bed. This way your body will get used to this routine and you will easily fall asleep as soon as you are done with this routine of yours.

6. Choose your favorite position for sleeping

Everyone has their own sleeping position that suits them best. Finding the perfect sleeping position will help you get some quality sleep and not wake up with neck pain. It is recommended that these positions are on the side or on the back, not the stomach.

7. Exercise before bed

You need to exercise and walk every day to make your body fresher and full with energy. However your workout needs to be over at least 3 hours before bedtime.

8. Cold Feet

If your feet are cold, you will not be able to fall asleep immediately. Therefore, you should warm up your legs by putting socks on.

9. Quality mattress

Never save money when buying mattress. The quality of the mattress will determine your sleep. Namely if your mattress has high quality then you will sleep comfortable without waking up during the night and you will be fresh and rested in the morning.

10. Avoid coffee before bedtime

Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine is a known as a substance that can make a person stay awake. Try not to drink coffee 4 hours before bedtime. Caffeine increases the body’s metabolism and will make you feel fresher and thereby keep you awake. This is why you should avoid drinking coffee before going to sleep.