You’ve been doing these 17 things wrong your whole life!

You might not have been aware, but there are a lot of things that you’ve been doing wrong this whole time. Below, you have some of the most common mistakes people do and instructions on how to stop doing them. Let’s take a look:

  • Bobby pins need to be pointed inwards so that they collect a larger portion of the hair at once
  • In order to cut a watermelon properly, you should cut it crosswise so that you retain the juice
  • Cupcakes should be eaten like sandwiches
  • In order to properly hold a wine glass, you need to pinch the stem with your thumb and the index finger

In the video presented below you will be able to see some additional mistakes you’ve been doing and how to correct them. For example, you’ll see how to insert earphones, how to hold a pen, how to cross words, etc. Your life will be much easier, you’ll see!

Video by: Facts Verse

Article source: Healthy Life Tricks