Your Phone Seriously Destroys Your Brain And Here Is Why!

We use mobile phones every day, but we are not aware of how they affect our health, especially our brains.

Experts warn us that smart phones are destroying our brains and also inform us that the only cure for this situation is to leave your phones in your pockets, rooms, bag and forget about them.

A third of the world’s population looks at their mobile phones more than 25 times a day, and one out of ten people take their phone in their hand as soon as they wake up.

Nicholas Carr, author of the study, in particular warned us how “smart phones” damage the human brain. He says that sometimes because of our mobile phones we cannot normally focus on something, even if we are deep in thought about that same thing. How many times have you caught yourself in such moments?

According to many psychologists, permanent disruptions in your thinking is certainly not good for your brain and nowadays people have more and more difficulty keeping their focus on just one thing.

One study from the University of Columbia has shown that people nowadays do not even try to think deeply about something, because they know that any information they need, they can find it on the Internet using their phone – says the author of this study.

Many experts are deeply concerned about the ease and the speed on which we got used to. Unfortunately, we are creatures of habit – both mentally and physically, therefore that often looking at our phones is no longer any “abnormal phenomena”.