Yoga Stretch For Lower Back Pain Release Video

You can release low back pain with this simple, guided stretch. This is my “go-to” pose for low back pain relief.

Props Needed:

  • 1 belt (any pants, belt, scarf, or makeshift strap will do);
  • 1 cushion (optional).

This stretch has its roots in yin yoga principals. But don’t worry. No yoga experience is required, as it’s easy and appropriate for all levels.

The more I teach yoga, the more my lower back is tweaked and in pain. This is because I get up, sit down to demonstrate something and pop up again so quickly. As a result, I’m trying to be more mindful in all my movements and transitions, but until I master that, this low back stretch has been a life saver. I try to do it after every class I teach.

It’s super juicy and nice to do before bed as well.

Let me know what you think of this low back stretch in the comments. Did it relieve your low back pain at all?

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Warning: Do not join me for this stretch if you have a herniated disk in your low back.

Source: Cure Joy 

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