Why Is Your Blond Hair – Yellow?

Favorite for many women, and certainly for almost every men, bright blond hair has always been synonymous with the gentle, but also very sexy woman. However, those wonderful ashen, platinum and pearl shades are very difficult to be reached.

There are many reasons for that, and in the first place is certainly the women’s pigment from that certain area. The nature never intended for us to be a platinum blond. However reaching that shadow of blond in our country is more difficult than for example for any German woman or British and Scandinavian women.

Always read the instructions on the hair-dyes

Another very important thing is that, if you are dying your hair by yourself, make sure to read the packaging and see how much tones does that hair-dye brightens. In those tones you can find the “small” difference between the dying your hair at your home and visiting a hairdresser.

Namely hairdressers use professional colors that lighten up to 6-7 shades, and the ones you use home can lighten up to 2-4, and their durability is far less than professional hair-dyes.

What does that mean?

This means that if you buy a color that says that lightens up to 4 tons, and you are dark brown, do not expect to be very light blond because for achieving that you will need a blond color that brightens least 6 tones or you need to lighten your hair first and then use that hair-dye.

Do not look at the picture on the packaging, if hair-dye is not labeled as specifically or ultra-light blond (usually labeled with shades 11 and 12), you will not get the color from the picture. There are several types of blond hair, with many different shades of blond on the tip of their hair or the root of the hair. You can usually achieve this by using some strong hair-dyes or Blanche.

However we recommend you do not try this at home. You better visit a hairdresser. When you are dying your hair blonde it is very important to apply enough color. Never put less hair dye because if you do not apply enough, you will not get the wanted color.

Also, you need to keep it on as long as the manufacturer says, not less, because the blond color takes time to lighten the hair first, and then to achieve the wanted tones. For blondes is also very important to know what their natural pigment is so that they know how to choose a color that will neutralize all the unwanted tones and achieve the desired shade.

It may seem complicated, really it can be, but it will be complicated only until you find the shade you are searching.