What Does The Color Of Your Eye Circles Reveal About You?

Dark eye circles are often the first sign that your body sends you when it comes to any health changes. Anemic people have dark eye circles. People who are prone to alcohol and those who are suffering from swollen kidney have purple eye circles. Some doctors believe that eye circles are not only aesthetic problem but they could also indicate to a health issue and should be removed if the patient has a problem or damaged eyesight.

Do you have circles under and around the eyes, are your eyelids irritated and touch-sensitive, red, swollen and your skin is so thinned that even with the finest care products can never seem to get rid of this problem? This is a most common problem that men and women have nowadays.However the ladies take care of their face from esthetic reasons and therefore this health problems is less visible on the woman’s face.

DNA Or A Warning Sign?

Dark eye circles are the first serious sign of aging. However they can often be the first signal that your body sends you to tell you that there is some problem or imbalance in your body. Dark eye circles may be the first symptom of a more serious disease. This is why you should pay attention to them and to distinguish them by shape, color and thickness. These eye circles can indicate to serious health problems, such as, problems with the kidneys, severe anemia, stress, cardiovascular disease. Dark eye circles can also appear due to smoking, passive smoking or excessive exposure to the sun.

Some people have a genetic tendency to have dark eye circles and they get them from their parents or grandparents. Maybe it is not well known, but the food selection and the way we eat plays a major role in the formation of eye circles. Different shape and color of the eye circles can tell you a lot and therefore it is very important that you know what is the cause of their appearance. This way you could easily recognize some of the symptoms, and then easily solve your problem.

Dark Or Swollen?

Swollen eye circles are the most common indicator of backwardness of water in your body and the creation of fatty tissue in the area around your eyes, and if they are dark, it is a sign of increased penetration of blood outside the blood vessels in the tissue where it is degraded.

There are different eye circles and we can separate them by the pigmentation (skin darkening intensity), the strength of the dark colors, the swelling. Some eye circles can cause lowering of your cheeks which is due to the loss of subcutaneous fat, or a combination of all these factors. If you have dark bags under your eyes for an extended period of time, for example several months, you should visit your doctor and do a blood check. In fact, anemia is one of the most common causes of dark under eye bag, especially if the dark eye circles are accompanied by a headache, fatigue, poor concentration, learning problems and poor memory. Anemia does not necessarily mean that you are terminally ill, but it means that your body lacks iron and oxygen.