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Do You Want To Be Healthy, Successful And Good Looking? If So Then You Need To Sleep Naked And Get Up…

Clinical Nutritionist Shawn Stevenson has helped thousands of people to solve their problem with sleep disorder. With his internet podcast Model Health Show, he manages to reach hundreds of thousands of people a month, and his advice helps them to make the needed lifestyle changes.

With more than 5 million downloads, his podcast is at the top of the list of the most popular in the category Fitness & Nutrition on iTunes. In addition to providing advice on nutrition, Shawn offers customers assistance in all aspects of life that can affect your health, and a large part of this is the dream and the good sleep.

In the book Sleep Smarter he offers practical strategies that will help you achieve a quality sleep.

He points out that only a quality sleep brings the health, good looks, success in business and general success.

If you are not sleeping good or enough, you can develop diabetes, cancer, depression, memory loss, heart disease and become obese. Lack of sleep is equal to the consumption of marijuana and drinks, according to a study conducted by the American Academy.

“If you do not give your body a sufficient amount of sleep, you will never have the body and the life you want,” says Shawn.

He points out that your priority should be to get some sleep.

He succeeded. He returned his usual weight and at this point it was easier for him to cope with the degenerative bone disease, which he was diagnosed with when he was 15 years old.

Many painkillers and sleeping pills were not helping him. Therefore, one day he decided to put an end to everything. He gave up junk food, he began to exercise and improved his sleep. He soon stopped taking any pills.

“I realized that I feel better when I sleep. My mind works better, thoughts are clearer, have more energy and the pain is gone, “- he says.

It all starts with quality awakening

This man eve managed to heal the hernia on his disks. For 14 years now he is also advising many other people on how to succeed.

“Many of the clients did not achieve the results they wanted, whether it was about weight loss, stopping the consummation of pills to lower the blood pressure or diabetes. Then I realized that in nine out of 10 cases the main problem was the sleep”- said this man.

In his book, he says that a great night’s sleep begins with early morning awakening. It is important for you to know that the amount of sunlight you receive during the day has a huge impact on the circadian system, which helps you to control a number of processes in the body. Sunlight wakes up the organs and forces the body to produce optimal hormones for the day and also to produce the ones that control the biological clock.

Are you lacking sleep? Then be prepared for this bizarre consequences!

What are his advises?

* Reduce the intake of caffeine and make sure that you enter caffeine correctly. This can help you sleep better. It would be the best to enter it in the morning in order to wake up your body

* Go to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening, because then begins the process of restoring the body. Those who go to bed late usually have trouble sleeping and wake up tired. If you go to bed at 10 pm, then make sure that you set your alarm at 5:30 am, because you will wake up a lot fresher than if you get up at six in the morning

* Turn off your computers, tablets, mobile phones and televisions. All of these things make you brain fall asleep a lot harder

* Go to bed naked because then the temperature lowers and the body sleeps. The room temperature should be between 16 and 20 degrees if you do not sleep naked. Then wear light and airy clothes

* make sure that you get up early every morning because it is not difficult. Getting up early should be your everyday habit. Every now and then you can get up 15 minutes earlier

* Use small pillows, and if you sleep on your stomach put a small pillow under your hips and abdomen to reduce the pressure on your back and neck

*Exercise, but not late at night. It would be best to exercise at seven in the morning

* Buy one or two plants because they will relax you