Treat Clogged Arteries, Blood fat Levels, Infections and Colds With only 3 Ingredients

You need to consume this drink every day. Drink one glass of 2 dl about 2 hours before meals or on a completely empty stomach. Keep the beverage in the fridge.

Drink one glass a day of this medicine for 3 week. Then take a break and do not drink the medicine for about a week. After a week you can continue again with the consummation in the same cycle.

If the taste does not suit you, you can add one tablespoon of honey to improve the taste. After three weeks of use you should feel a significant regeneration of the body from using this beverage.

This beverage is also particularly useful in preventing calcification in the body that causes the stones in organs and clogging of blood vessels.

The combination of lemon, water and cooking will neutralize the smell of garlic. Before each consuming shake the bottle with the domestic medicinein order to mix the lemon and garlic on the bottom with the juice. From experience we can tell you that the beverage is excellent for the elderly and that it restores their energy and strength and also rejuvenating them, because after a few weeks it improves their circulation.

Source: Healthy Life Vision