This Tea Is A Sure Cure For The Common Cold!

Many people have tried this remedy. It always helps. However in order to help you, you need to drink it regularly, even though you will feel a change after drinking it for the first time. In other words the more you drink this tea the better.

This Tea Is A Sure Cure For The Common Cold!

According to many people this was the only thing that helped them with their cold. They tried many different things and many different medicines, but none of them worked. Then they tried this tea and after only one tea, they felt a lot better.

This is a very old recipe, but it is so good for you that we recommend you drink this tea instead of water. Try it and see for yourself.


  • 2 liters of water
  • 1 apple
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 red onion


First you need to put the water in a small baking dish, and then add the washed: apple, lemon and onion. Remember that before placing the lemon and the onion in the water you need to cut them in half.

Cook the tea until the apples bursts and the tea gets a nice yellow color.If during the cooking some of the water evaporates, add a little more.

When the tea is cooked, you need to squeeze the lemon into the tea. If you want you can also eat the apple.

Note that this tea will act faster and better if you drink it warm.

You can also double the mass if you want, but we recommend that you make the exact amount that is enough for you, so that you drink this tea while it is warm. Try this tea and see for yourself how effective it is.