This Sticky Thing In The Egg Yolk Is More Important Than You Think, And Most People Have No Idea About It!

Eggs are a part of almost any diet, but there is still something that most people still do not know about them.

One thing that people often find in the egg is a white, sticky thing in the yolk. The answer to what this thing really is, is far more interesting than you ever thought!

You cannot always notice this sticky thing at first glance, especially after the egg is cooked. This white substance, tied to the yolk in most eggs is called chalaza. And is that supposed to be there?

Relax! This is actually a sign that the eggs are fresh and safe to eat. Usually there is one on each side of the yolk. They act as an anchor to keep the yolk centered in the middle of the egg.

And as the egg is getting older the chalazas are less and less visible. Now you know you should always look for the white stuff when using eggs!