This Is The Worst Thing For Your Heart: This Poison Kills Over 600,000 People A Year

According to experts, if this connection was clear long ago, now the state with heart disease would be significantly different.

Scientists discovered this link between the consumption of sugar and heart disease 60 years ago, but it is only now fully confirmed. Why wait so long?

According to the latest data published by the medical monthly “Cave”, the sugar industry has sponsored a research that discovered that the main culprit for heart disease was none other than fat.

The group was then called the Foundation For Sugar Research and this foundation promote the results and thus concealed any other research. Today, this group is called the “Association of Sugar” and when CNN asked certain questions they refused to give any answers, but gave them the results that are over 60 years.

Aire Schmidt from the University of California, one of the authors of the study that links sugar and heart disease, said that if this was known a while ago the state of treating and avoiding heart disease would be much different. In 1960, the British doctor John Judkin said that there is a connection between heart disease and sugar, because the consumption of sugar raises the level of triglycerides in the blood. The American Dr. Ansel Keys blames only the fat. Her view was widely accepted.

New researches on the impact of the sugar industry on these results is based on letters from the Foundation for Research of Sugar that were sent to various scientists. These letters revealed that they only fund the researches that showed that sugar is the main culprit for heart disease.

Further, as the level of fat (the culprit) in the diet gets decreased, the sugar is a logical “healthy” substitute. In the early eighties the recommendations of the Ministry of Health states that the United States should reduce the intake of fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, in order to decrease the risk of heart disease. There is also a reference about lowering the sugar intake, but not for avoiding heart diseases, but for avoiding dental problems.

According to recent research, it turns out that sugar intake has a higher risk for heart disease than fat intake. The US government has for the first time introduced a limit sugar intake to 10 percent of daily calories.

Heart disease is responsible for one in four deaths in the United States and the number goes up to 610,000 deaths a year. In addition the percentage of obese people is increasing, especially among children. However, if it is any consolation, the consumption of carbonated drinks, which is responsible for weight gain is in decline, especially among young people.