The Shape Of Your Navel Can Reveal Your Illness!!!

It is difficult to know the first signs of a disease, especially if it comes to a chronic disease because usually you do not pay attention to all the “little things” that can actually save your life. In many case you probably do not even know that this is a symptom of some disease.

Therefore, here in this article we will show you how the shape of your navel can indicate to a certain disease. Namely the shape of your navel can reveal how certain organs in your body work.

  1. Bulged, like a button

The shape of this navel should be monitored, because if you notice that eventually leads to a larger bulges, you should know that this is not normal and it is the first indication that you will get a hernia.

  1. Quite small bump shape

People with this navel shape are more prone to flu and viruses.

  1. Tucked navel

If you are having this navel shape, then it may be a sign of problems of digestive nature. Namely in most of the cases, people who have this navel shape have problems with weight.

  1. Almond belly button (because it looks like an almond)

If you have this navel shape, then you are probably suffering from a severe migraine and muscle and bone pain.

  1. Navel bulge with a shape like the letter U

People having this navel shape usually have problems with skin and kidney diseases. Also it is very important for you to know that this navel shape can lead to deformities in newborns.