The Real Cause Of Pain – How The Spine Is Connected With All Organs

Often, problems with our spine cause pain in completely different parts of the body. Then, we begin to address and treat other symptoms and diseases, of course, to no avail.

Therefore, it’s necessary to pay special attention to the spine.

If you feel pain, it can be precisely determined which segment of the spine it originates from, and you can observe the anomalies and problems with specific organs.

This infographic above shows you how all our organs are connected to the spine.

According to osteopaths, about 70% of headaches originate from the spine.

Ringing in the ears, difficulty swallowing food, vision problems – all these symptoms can be due to a dysfunction in intervertebral discs and surrounding anatomy.

If you’re experiencing hand pain and numbing hands, a trained osteopath can check the cervical (neck) portion of your spine.

Problems within the upper thoracic region (chest) of the spine can lead to heart pain, stomach and intestinal issues.

Problems with the lumbar part of your spine can affect, not only the pain in your lower back, but it can manifest itself as hip pain, thigh pain, impairing the sensitivity of the legs, and also affects walking.

Therefore, treating and strengthening the spine will help you get rid of many symptoms directly associated with organs and other parts of the body.