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The Muscle Which is Located On Your Buttocks Can Help Your Restore Your Self-Esteem!

Unfortunately, more and more ailments torture us every day, but they do not come only from the head. Namely, these pelvic muscles are also called ‘the muscles of the soul’. They are located on the lower back, next to the hips and they end under our buttocks. These muscles control the balance, movement and the flexibility of the body.

These pelvic muscles are responsible for your self-esteem, and thereby these exercises are highly recommended for all those whose self-esteem is low and often feel depressed.

They also pay a very important role in controlling the breathing and the work of the diaphragm. If the pelvic muscle is tense then you will also feel tense physically or mentally.

These exercises will help you relax these muscles. However you must note that these exercise are different for men and women.

Exercises for women:

Video by: Pilates Online Academy

Exercises for men:

Video by: PelvicFloor4Cancer