The Miracle Juice – Melts Cysts On The Ovaries And Kidneys

The healing properties of this juice have helped many people to strengthen their immunity after treating some of the most serious diseases.

What Is The Secret Of The Miracle Juice?

The medicinal green juice(made off sprouts and spelt leaves) contains no chemical additives, preservatives, colors and sweeteners. “The secret of this drink lies in the medicinal substances from spelt, primarily chlorophyll, which enriches the blood with oxygen and prevents the multiplication of cancer cells. Dr. Otto Warburg, won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for singling out this matter and discovering their function in tumors.

The miracle spelt juice contains more than 300 enzymes, including those rare ones, which exist in the human body after birth, however after some time, under the influence of stress, diet and toxins from the environment, only a small number of them remain in the liver. However, with consumption of this beverage, these materials are re-created and as a result, they strengthen the body. Spelt is rich in vitamin B17 which destroys cancer cells. Get the best effect by drinking it fresh or frozen.

After squeezing the juice, freeze it, and take it every morning (on an empty stomach) with one or more ice cubes. The value of this drink is lost within an hour after it melts.

Melting Cysts On The Ovaries And Kidneys Using This Juice

Take the young green leaves, grind them and squeeze the juice. Put the juice into an ice tray and freeze it. It is important you make at least 72 cubes.

Put a few cubes into a glass of water. Wait for them to melt, and drink up.

Spelt has a lot of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc.

The juice is good for your other organs as well. Your spelt should grow up to 15 cm, before using it.