Take A Good Look – This Picture Can Save A Lot Of Women’s Lives

The mother of four children,posted a photograph of her breasts on Facebook to raise awareness about cancer.Lisa Royle from Manchester posted this photo last week and since then, the post has been shared 55,000 times and received 32,000 likes.

The picture shows a small bulge on her left breast.

Before her mastectomy this week,the forty two-year old mother urged all women to be examined. She provided one of the characteristics that indicated breast cancer.

“I never thought I’d post a picture of my breasts for others, but I think it was wise, what I did, before the section. Here it is. This is what I found on my left breast. The subtle bumps that can’t be seen so easily when we get ready for work in the morning. Make time to check your breasts properly. It can save your life” – said Lisa.

Lisa’s husband, Craig Royle, called her an “inspiration”.

He thanked friends, family and strangers who shared and liked her picture.

“Together we can warn people and prevent cancer. My wife is an absolute inspiration” – said Craig.

Royle added that his wife was recovering well after her breast was removed.

“She’s out of surgery and is well. She’s little groggy from morphine but she will come around” – he added.

Lisa’s sister, Claire Osmand, wrote apost on Facebook, which praised her sister’s courage.

“Sometimes you feel useless, that’s how my sister felt in the hospital after surgery”.

Nurse Jackie Harris, said that Lisa’s prowess is invaluable, but it’s not the only symptom of breast cancer.

“Symptoms may include itching, swelling and changes in the nipples” – said Harris.

“She added that the most effective treatment is when the cancer is detected at an early stage and that it’s important for women to make regular inspections. She did not deserve it, not her and not her family. She did not deserve to lose her hair. Lisa has done a wonderful thing, and what we can do is to raise money for a good wig and a nice bra for support” – said Claire