Surprising Reasons You Are Dehydrated


Forget the hangover. Even a few glasses of alcohol can reduce the level of fluid in your body. Alcohol limits your ability to notice the first signs of dehydration, such as thirst and fatigue, it is easy to continue drinking after the point of dehydration.

Low consumption of fruits and vegetables

Eating half the meal may be good for your line, but it reduces the level of liquids entering your body. In other words if you eat less than five times a day and do not compensate by drinking more fluids, your diet can easily result in dehydration.


Breastfeeding is actually the distribution of water and electrolytes, proteins, minerals and other ingredients from the mother’s body into the body of the baby. So you can imagineit reduces the levels of fluids in your body. If you have any problems with secretion of milk, you should increase the intake of fluids and speak to your doctor. It may be a sign of dehydration.