It Is Speaking to You: a Mysterious Number Hiding an Unbelievable Secret

You may not realize that these unique sequences of numbers have a very deep meaning. For example, the numbers 4444 is a sign of the spirit guide. It serves the purpose to give you a sign or message.

There is no coincidence when you see these numbers.

Number 4

The importance of the vibration number four is the quadrate, which is a square with sides, such as west, east, north and south, or water, fire, earth and air. Other characteristics include: responsibility, progress, durability, earth, discipline, will, work, and logic.

Number 44

This number shows the need for discipline with efforts to develop the substance of your life.

Number 444

This number shows you that you must continue with all the efforts. This is a very good sign of progress.

Number 4444

These number indicates the need to gain additional skills and to continue your way.

Source: http://www.thelimitlessminds.com/2016/06/20/4444-meaning-significance-numbers-4444/