She Added This Ingredient To Her Shampoo And Forgot About Hair Loss FOREVER: Now She Recommends This To Everyone!

Essential oils are becoming very popular and widely used all around the world. Many people use essential oils for various different purposes. In this article we will present you the recipe for this magnificent therapeutic shampoo that will prevent and stop hair loss.

Therapeutic shampoo recipe:

First it is very important to use PH neutral shampoo. Take the shampoo bottle and in it you need to add two capsules of vitamin E and 10 drops of rosemary and lemon essential oils.

You need to make sure that you shake nicely the shampoo before each use. You need to apply this shampoo on wet hair and massage your hair and scalp with it for about 10 minutes. Then leave this shampoo on for another 10 minutes.

Finally rinse your hair with warm water.