What The Shape Of Your Chin Says About You…

Surely you did not know that the shape of your chin can say a lot about your personality. Here in this article you can see what does a certain shape tells you about that person’s personality.

Square chin

People with this type of chin are very aggressive, direct and stubborn. They have a bad attitude in expressing themselves and can easy to offend people.

Short or narrow chin

These people are intellectual and have a sharp mind.

Protruding chin

People who have a protruding chin are full of confidence and are workaholics.

Round chin

People with a round chin are very emotional and optimistic. These people work hard in order to enjoy happiness later in life.

Long chin

People who have long chin are very loyal, easy-going and they easily gain friends in life.

Retracted chin

People with retracted chin are very popular and have good fortune in money.

Source: Top Health News