Seeds of Apricot Cure Cancer – Pharmacists in Shock, will they Remain out of Work?

Are apricot seeds a natural source of a substance that kills cancer cells without destroying the health and hitting the pockets of patients? The essential ingredient is called leatril or vitamin B17.

If there is some truth in this, why is this information not wide known? Why are testimonials of people who have been cured or who have cured others censored or are they even imprisoned? Maybe there is something in their claims?

Keep in mind that the industry that deals with cancer, according to realistic estimates, disposes with over 200 billion $ worldwide over just one year. There are many different ranking associations, within these industries, that have lost their jobs when they dried up the sources of money, because a news has been published that a cheaper, much less harmful and more efficient drugs have appeared and that this drugs are also easily accessible. Also large pharmacy would simply disappeared.

The seeds of a ripe apricot are very healthy. All you need to do is let the seed dry in the sun for about 2-3 days.Then crush the hard crust of the seeds and clean the as well as you clean almonds. In the middle of the apricot seeds there is a delicious meaty core just like the almonds.

Dry this apricot meaty core, exactly the way you do with almonds. You can eat this meaty core all that you want. Not only that this core is tasty, it is also very healthy and the best thing is that you can keep them a whole year.

Dried apricots fleshy core, as we have said is similar to almonds. Eating them can you want, tasty and healthy have you can and keep them as almonds whole year.

What is actually leatril or B17?

In 1952 Dr Ernst Krebb Jr., a biochemist, from San Francisco, concluded that cancer is a metabolic reaction of the body to poor nutrition and the key to overcoming the cancer could be very simple-getting the nutrients that are missing in modern man’s diet. His research has led to a compound found in over 1200 edible plants found in nature. This compound is amagdylin.

Members of the tribe Hunza, stored and dried apricots.Nothing goes to waste, the meat and the seeds of the apricot are dried and all is to be eaten (except the hard crust of seeds). This is the only nation in the world who has never had a single case of cancer !!!!