If You See This Bug In Your House, Call The Extermination Service RIGHT AWAY! Do Not Try To Kill It By Yourself!

These new bugs are very dangerous. If you notice them in your home, you must act immediately! It is not a joke, this is a very serious and dangerous situation. Therefore you must not ignore this problem.

Most bugs are not dangerous and cannot hurt us, they are not deadly. Recently, scientists have discovered that there is a bug that can kill humans, and animals as well.

This bug does not look dangerous at all. However it is one of the most dangerous bugs in the world. This bug is widely known as “bug-killer”.

This bug is extremely dangerous because it transmits a dangerous disease called American Tripanosamiasis. This disease is deadly to humans and animals. Many people call this disease ‘Chagas’, and people in Texas have experienced the horrible and deadly consequences of this disease.

The bugs transmit the disease through a bite. They feed on the blood of humans or animals. While biting, they live their saliva, which is dangerous to humans.

Source: Cuisine And Health