Russian Doctor Presents You The Drug That Will Strengthen Your Heart And Will Event Prevent Cancer! (Recipe)

Irina Philypova is a Russian doctor. Namely she is a famous oncologist, which created this fantastic recipe that will strengthen your heart and will provide the cells with antioxidants, thereby preventing the formation of tumors. The preparation of this phenomenal remedy is very easy and simple, mainly because all the ingredients are easy available.

Necessary ingredients:

  • mushrooms,
  • linden honey,
  • fresh greens


Before you start preparing this remedy you need to know that the mushrooms must be fresh. And now as for the preparation, you need to clean the mushrooms and squeeze out their juice. Make sure that you get the maximum amount of mushroom juice.

Next thing you need to do is clean the cabbage and squeeze out its juice. For this recipe you will need only one tablespoon of cabbage juice. Now you need to add the cabbage juice to the mushroom juice. Then you need to take one tablespoon of linden honey and add it to this mixture.

Finally you need to store this mixture in a glass container and keep it closed in a cool place.


Take one small drop of this mixture every day, in the morning, before breakfast.

At this point you need to know that this mixture will help you prevent cancer, it will strengthen your heart and will help you get rid of bad cholesterol.