Read Carefully: Women You Must Avoid These 4 Things During Your Menstrual Cycle

The first menstrual period, occurs when a girl riches her sexual maturity, usually at the age of 11-12. This is the one of the most important periods of woman’s life, because her body starts changing and gets the female characteristics. Menstrual period is the time from one menstruation to another. In this time, the two major female hormones – estrogen and progesteron play their role in order to prepare the woman’s body, especially the uterus to accept a fertilized egg cell which will later develop to a baby. But if the egg cell does not get fertilized, the endometrium (inner lining of the uterus) starts to fall off and in this point menstruation occurs.The menstrual cycle is something that happens every month. Then you feel tired, you do not have a desire to move even communicate with anyone. However, there are activities that you do during the cycle, which you should have not.

Never skip meals

Try not to skip meals. You must keep in mind that you lose a lot of blood in that period, and the food will help you boost your energy.

No physical work

If you feel pain in your back or stomach, avoid any physical work, because the pain in this case will only get worst.

Fast food

We bet you love eating fast food in 2 AM. Even though this seems like an excellent idea, make sure not to overdo in consuming such food.

Cold water

You should not drink cold water, because apparently if you do so, then the menstrual blood will remain in the wall of the uterus, and after 5-10 years, it can even cause cancer of the reproductive organs.