New Tests Reveals How Close Smokers Are To Lung Cancer

Scientists have found that cells in the mouth and nose respond to different types of infrared light and it has led to the realization that there is a way we could stop the development of lung cancer in a relatively early stage.

Using this test, smokers could learn at a very early stage, what their chances are of having cancer.

In the UK, one in five adults smokes cigarettes and has an increased risk of getting lung cancer.
With people who are particularly vulnerable to this disease, the researchers found that cells in their mouth and nose react differently to infrared light.
Scientists have discovered that the cells in the mouth and nose respond to different infrared light.

“Exposure to cigarette smoke seems to cause different types of damage to the cells, which later translates into cancer”,- said Professor Sam James of the University of London.

“If we can use this system to detect it early enough, maybe we could detect lung cancer in a significantly earlier stage or even to inform individuals about the increased risk of the disease”, – James added.

The precision of this test is 80% and higher.
The goal is to make this test accessible for patients. To do this test by simply going to the pharmacy or the family doctor, and then to send sample to analysis.