Never Take Your Birth Time for Granted: THIS is What it Says About You!

Whether you are born in the morning, afternoon, or late in the night is very important since it influences the bio-energy points, thus influencing your personality. The cycle of 24 hours is divided in 6 numeric groups:

People born between midnight and 4 am

If you are born in this period, you are a very calm and silent person, however, you have a vivid imagination which makes reality difficult to handle. You have a poet’s soul and often find yourself misunderstood as you have a completely different point of view than most people. Sometimes, you can appear absent-mindedly, but you are a good person who likes helping others.

Born between 4 am and 8 am

You are a hasty person and always endurable. Moreover, you are persistent and things go well for you, since you are everyone’s role model and you have the tendency to prove yourself to others.

Born between 8 am and midday

You are a person full of optimism and hope, as well as livelihood, and you are prone to creative restlessness. What’s more, you give love selfishly, since you are a being of faith, empathy, and spirituality.

Born between 12 pm and 4 pm

You are very lively and energetic person, and you are usually good in mathematics, physics, and oral communication. You are a talented person that successfully manages to express their creative spirit.

Born between 4 pm and 8 pm

You are characterized by nervousness, a wandering spirit, and uneasiness. Also, you are a quick thinker, but you tend to change your attitude and viewpoints since you are very hasty, but, otherwise, you are very aware of your actions.

Born between 8 pm and midnight

You are a rational and a persistent person. Hence, you want to dominate in every area and you have an enormous influence on people around you which makes you an authority- figure, usually to your closest ones, since you are very self-confident. Sometimes, people find you conceited precisely because of these characteristics.