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Never Lie To A Smart Women

One man told his wife that his boss asked him to go fishing in China. Then he explained that this was an excellent opportunity for him to get the wanted promotion. He also added that they were leaving from the office, so he asked her to pack him enough clothes for a week, set out his rod & fishing box and pack his new blue silk pajamas. Finally he said that he would only stop by at the house to pick up his things.

At this point the wife thought that this was a bit fishy, but being a good wife, she did exactly as her husband told her.

The next weekend her husband came home from the trip. He was a little tired, but he was looking good. Then his wife welcomed him home and asked him how many fish he caught. The man then said that he caught lots of Salmon, Blue gill & a few Swordfish. And after that he asked her why she did not pack his blue silk pajamas. Believe us you will love her answer!

The wife answered him that she did pack his pajamas. She told his she put them in his fishing box. At this point the man knew that it was game over for him! This is why you should never lie to a smart woman!

Source: Natural Medicine House