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Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic diet is one of the most popular diets promoted by such stars as Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli.
Before the vacation season starts, many women want to lose those unwanted extra pounds. Given that these decisions are made at the last minute, the only solution is a short-term diet. A diet that can help you lose up to 20 pounds in a matter of weeks. However, nutritionists suggest before you make drastic changes in your food habits, you should visit a doctor in order to check your general health.

How does the Mayo Clinic Diet work?

The diet consists of two parts. The first part is losing the weight, while the second is maintaining the weight you have reached. The first part consists of losing the weight and changing your eating habit. Calories are not counted, which makes this diet fairly easy.

After two weeks, you can start with the second part in which you will learn how many calories you should ingest to maintain your weight and what should you eat.
In the second part, you should use the knowledge gained during the first part. If you want to lose some extra pounds during the second part, you should keep a watch on the calories you are ingesting.

You should also stop eating while watching TV, you should not ingest sugar, but you can eat fruits and vegetables. You must not consume high fat meats and high fat dairy products. You should exercise up to 60 minutes every day. And last but not least, you should motivate yourselves.

Is the diet effective?

Provided you follow the rules – yes! The diet has potential, and it has proven research. For example, 53 employees at the clinic were on the diet for two weeks, the average loss was 12 – 20 pounds.

Is the diet healthy?

Mayo Clinic Diet is medically acceptable. It has large amounts of fruits and vegetables and foods rich in fiber, which provides protection to the heart and cardiovascular system, it is also recommended for people suffering from diabetes.