Let us Remind you why the Food Pyramid was the Best Choice all These Years

The pyramid diet is a healthy choice of the necessary groceries in the everyday diet. The pyramid diet contains various groceries in specific doses or calorific values that are necessary to satisfy the daily needs of the organism.

The base of the pyramid, which also represents the largest amount of foods that needs to be consumed during the day, is different for all population groups.

Nutrition for the elderly

The base of the pyramiddiet for the elderly is filled with water. Due to loss ofthe skin elasticity and constant danger of dehydration, people older than 65 years should consume water with each meal.

Nutrition for children

The pyramid diet for children is different because of the higher amount of vegetables and fruits that represent a vital source of minerals and vitamins for their proper growth and development. Therefore children need to consume large quantities of calcium (1300mg daily, versus 1000mg per day which is the required dose for adults) for the proper development of the bones.

Physical activity for adults

The latest food pyramid for adults includes physical activity. Adults should be physically active at least 30 minutes every day.

The recommended daily intake of calories is 2000 kcal.


Half of cereals that are consumed during the day should be integral. You should avoid white flour. Oatand rice are include in cereals. You should consume around 180g.per day.

 Fruits and vegetables

Daily you should eat about 200-300gr different vegetables. Every day you should eat fruits, especially citrus fruits. You should avoid juices with artificial flavors.

Use oils to improve the foods flavor

Oilsare necessaryfor your nutritionbecausetheyimprovethe tasteoffoodand are necessaryforsubstancessuch asvitaminsD, E, K and A. You should consume vegetable oilsandfishoil, and avoid hardfatssuch as butter, margarineandlard.

Milk and dairy products

Milk and dairy products are necessary for consuming the required amount of calcium. You need to drink 3 glasses of milkper day.

Eat fish once a week

Daily you should consume about 170gr. meat and meat products. It is recommended to eat fish because it is full with omega 3 and also it is recommended to eat one boiled egg per day because eggs are rich with iron.

To maintain its value the food should be prepared properly. It is recommended to boil the food or to cook it on steam or coal.